The Challah Tray with Cutting Shelf


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Size: 51 x 32cm / 20 x 12.5″

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On Shabbat and Jewish holidays (except Passover), we start the festive meals with a special braided bread called Challah. Challah actually refers to the small olive sized portion that is separated from the dough before it is baked. This piece of dough is burnt and discarded as a reminder of the destruction of the Holy Temple.
This classical Judaica paper cut design with its central word, “challah” depicts wheat sheaves and its grains which are given to us by G-d. With these grains, we produce flour, and then bread, the sustenance of life. The dewdrops represent the “manna” which sustained us in the desert as we wandered for forty years following the exodus from Egypt. The words that appear on the right side of the design are part of a blessing composed by Moses, thanking G-d for sustaining us with Manna in the wilderness. Upon entering the Land after our prolonged journey, Joshua composed a blessing to thank G-d for giving us the land of Israel. Joshua’s words appear on the left side of the challah board. The three words in the center portion mean: “And you shall eat, and be satisfied, and bless G-d.”
Pencil signed and numbered by Marci Wiesel. Limited Edition of 250.