Glass Mezuzah Case: Climbing Vine “Shin”, floating papercut (Limited)


Size: 4.75cm x 20.5cm x 2.5cm / 1 7/8″w x 8″h x1″d

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This mezuzah case, with its intricate floating lasercut design, resonates with a traditional Jewish symbol. The bold colors that appear from behind give it a contemporary flair. Its climbing vines represent continuous growth within the confines of the home. The large “shin” in the center is the first letter of one of G-d’s names, as well as the first letter of the Shema prayer that is traditionally written on a small scroll and placed inside the protective mezuzah case.

Case made of glass. Fits scroll up to 6″ (15cm). This Judaica art mezuzah case was designed by Marci Wiesel and is a Limited edition of 180 pieces.