For Israel tour guides, small tour groups, and families visiting Israel

Are you planning a tour or a visit to Israel? Are you looking for something new to inspire and make your group feel at home in their Land across the ocean? With much pleasure, my family and I are proud to invite your Israel tour to enjoy the warm surroundings of our home at my Papercut Judaica Home Gallery and Visitors Center. This is an opportunity for your tourists to meet an Israeli artist, learn about her unique Judaic papercut designs, shop for special gifts, and experience a bit of community living in Israel. We are located in Alon Shvut, a community of about 600 families and home to several well known institutions such as Yeshivat Har Etzion and Machon Tzomet Research and Development Institute of Torah and Science.  Just across the road from the city of Efrat, we are a two minute drive from the popular Kfar Etzion Multi Media Presentation and Museum, and Israel’s longest Zipline. There are several local restaurants including the Gush Etzion Winery and Dairy CafĂ© and Roza meat restaurant located just outside of Alon Shvut. Stop by with your tour group for a quick shopping visit while traveling through the area. See an entertaining and informative 10 minute film about the artist and her work. Learn about the meanings and messages hidden in the various papercut designs. There’s even a papercut activity workshop that your group can enjoy for an additional fee. Purchase Marci’s colorful and meaningful pieces of art.  They are easy-to-travel lightweight, unique gifts to bring back home. A stop at Marci’s is an informal educational opportunity as well as the most fun and friendly shopping experience you’ll have on your trip in Israel. Large and varied selection, personal attention and special prices are available only at Marci Wiesel’s Papercut Judaica Home Gallery Showroom. A must for your tour! Please arrange visit in advance. Our home is open to your group Sunday-Thursday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Families with children are welcome. For more information or to reserve, contact artist directly: Email: or call +011-972-2-993-8596.