Prayer for Those Who Dwell in the Land of Israel (Print)


Size: 70 x 56 cm / 27.5 x 21.5″
Border Mat Color: Unmatted


 The design for this papercut, so lovingly created by Marci Wiesel, brings to life the Prayer for Those Who Dwell in the Land of Israel. This Hebrew papercut expresses the beauty and richness of the Holy Land while embodying the age-old hope to return to the Land of Israel. Bold colors and a rich design, depicting the seven special fruits of Israel, native flowers and the theme of Jerusalem of Gold, all come together to illustrate this heartfelt prayer. A true Jewish artwork by Marci Wiesel, all the themes are connected together through the Torah, which illuminates the world and stimulates constant growth of the Jewish nation. The text of the prayer was found in Bigdei Yesha, by Tzadok HaRofeh, Jerusalem, 5648 (1888). This Judaica paper cut is also available with the text of the Prayer for the State of Israel.