I Shall Place God Before Me


Size: 30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12″
Border Mat Color:  Blue


In the Bible, the King of Israel is instructed to write two Torah scrolls for himself. One is for him to read from when he is in a public setting.  The other is for him to safeguard in his own private chambers.  The biblical requirement is for the Jewish king to possess and learn from BOTH Torah scrolls lest he forget that it is G-d who is always and forever the One True King over us all.

We are all like kings, of our own dominions, our workplaces, our households, ourselves.  We too must heed the message “Shiviti Hashem L’Negdi Tamid”, literally: “I Shall Place G-d Before Me Always”, recognizing and appreciating the True King both in our public life and our private spaces.

This is a meaningful gift for the home, office, school, or synagogue, as it presents a constant reminder that we are never alone.