Enjoy the Goodness, For You Shall be Blessed (with English)


Size: 35.6 x 43.2 cm / 14 x 17″
Border Mat Color: soft green


This design features the special seven fruits and grains that grow with extra blessings in the Land of Israel. They are known as the “shivaat haminim” or the “seven species”.  In the Torah, they are mentioned along with the pronouncement of the Land of Israel as being “A Land of Milk and Honey”, filled with pure and holy goodness. The Israelites were commanded to bring the first of their harvested fruits and grains each year, to the Holy Temple.  With this practice, the Jews could show their appreciation for the abundance that G-d provided, as well as ensure continued sustenance in the future. “V’samachta bechol haTov…”, May you enjoy all the goodness that G-d gives to you and to your entire household… “Ki Yevarechecha Hashem…”, For you shall be blessed by G-d with all your crop and all the work of your hands, and you shall only have joy.

This is a wonderful appreciation gift not only for the Jewish holidays. With this Jewish art, you can send blessings to someone you care about for any occasion.  It also makes a perfect presentation gift or award for an honoree, family member, community member, or friend. It will bring meaning and beauty to any room in the house, even the kitchen!