Bar and Bat Mitzva Gifts

Judaica papercuts make perfect gifts for Jewish confirmations, Hebrew School graduations, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. The “One Good Deed Leads to Another” paper cut design has the Jewish ritual elements of the Tefillin (phylacteries), the siddur (prayer book), the Tallit (prayer shawl), and even the Shofar (ram’s horn used on Rosh Hashana), making it a perfect Bar Mitzvah present. As a Bat Mitzvah gift, the “Blessing of the Daughters” paper cut art design connects the Bat Mitzvah girl to her Jewish roots of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. The papercut entitled “Light of Torah” includes the Hebrew Alphabet (Alef-Bet) and can also be given as a beautiful Jewish baby gift, the perfect Jewish art choice to decorate a newborn nursery.

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