Glass Mezuzah Case: Baruch Ata B’voecha, floating papercut (Limited)


Size: 4.75cm x 20.5cm x 2.5cm / 1 7/8″w x 8″h x1″d

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This mezuzah case uses the simplicity and beauty of Hebrew words in its floating lasercut design. The blessing was part of the covenant of the blessings and curses originally given to the Jewish people at Mount Grizim when they entered the Land of Israel. The message is that if the Jews follow the path of G-d, they will be blessed. This papercut Judaica designed by Israeli artist Marci Wiesel makes a perfect Jewish gift and creates a stunning adornment for any home.

Background colors are rich purples, reds, turquoise, and blues. Case made of glass. Fits scroll up to 6″ (15cm). Limited edition of 180.