Blessing of the New Moon – Colorful


Size: 45.7 x 45.7 cm / 18 x 18″
Border Mat Color: Warm Spring Yellow
Requires custom size framing


The New Moon, or Rosh Chodesh is sometimes thought of as a “Woman’s holiday” that occurs twelve times a year. This circular stained-glass-like design offers a symbolic representation of all the holidays that occur during the cycle of the Jewish year. The text of Birkat HaChodesh, Blessing of the New Moon,  is recited during the Shabbat morning services, one time each month, with the coming of the New moon. In this prayer, we ask for the coming month to bring only goodness and blessing. See the text translation below for a full explanation of this beautiful Jewish papercut by Marci Wiesel.

Text Translation of Birkat HaChodesh Prayer: May it be Your will,  Lord our God and God of our fathers, to renew unto us this coming month for good and for blessing. Grant us long life, a life of peace, of good, of blessing, of sustenance, of physical vigor, a life marked by the fear of Heaven and the dread of sin, a life free from shame and reproach, a life of prosperity and honor, a life in which the love of the Torah and the fear of Heaven shall cleave to us, a life in which the desires of our heart shall be fulfilled for good. Amen.