Prayer for Parents


Size: 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 16 x 20″
Border Mat Color:  Navy
Suitable for American standard size frame

English Translation of the Parent’s Prayer:

May there be a desire before You, our God and the God of our fathers, that we may have Your help that our sons and daughters should be in perfect balance spiritually and materially.  May we educate them in the most worthy and best way, and in a way that suits each and every child.

Our Father in heaven, who desires the good of each and every one, may we merit You to reveal mercy over judgement, that we may educate each and every one of our descendants in the best possible way. Let us know when to laugh with them and when to chastise them. Help us not to allow what is forbidden, and not to forbid what is allowed.  Guide us in knowing how to present our children with the best living example. Give us the power to speak to their hearts, that they will hear and understand our advice, and that we will not have to deal with them harshly.

We ask that you do not make it difficult for us to raise our children, but rather facilitate their ease of learning, that we will not have difficulties with their education and upbringing. Let us merit having children with a good nature and comfortable qualities. Give us the wisdom and open mind we need to properly guide them. Bless us with offspring healthy in body and soul, with all their organs functioning properly, and a well adjusted and stable soul.  Please provide them their sustenance and livelihood in abundance and with honor. Please never put them in a position where they need of charity from others. Rather grant them from your wide and open hand. Amen. May it be Your will.



A parent wants his child to be healthy, happy, balanced, well adjusted, and a fine upstanding human being.  This design features a prayer that a parent can say whenever he wishes. It asks G-d to assist in the parent’s role of teaching and raising each child well.  In the prayer, we ask G-d to help us be the best parents we can be, in order to positively influence our child.  The design itself features silhouettes of various parent-child interactions to which most every mother, father, or parental guardian can relate.

This Jewish art piece makes a great Jewish themed gift for new parents, parents of young children. This is a prayer for every mother or father, no matter the age. Perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s day gift!