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The Greatest Jewish Gift of All is “Yiddishe Nachas”.  In Hebrew, we call it Nachat Ruach. It describes that wondrous feeling of pleasure mixed with deep gratitude to the Almighty, for your child’s birth, first day of school, graduation, bar or bat mitzva, wedding, or when you become a grandparent. The truth is though, the Jewish gift of Nachat Ruach is not limited to one’s own children and special occasions. If one is mindful, he can tap into this incredibly wonderful feeling whenever he wants, wherever he is.

Pure Joy

From my last post, most of you know that we are fervently praying for restored health to my sister Dodi, who is battling metastatic breast cancer. https://www.papercutjudaica.com/blog/2021/05/30/my-post-post/

This past week, Dodi had her own very special occasion. Her only daughter got married.  At my niece’s wedding, the Greatest Jewish Gift of All was wholly felt and appreciated by everyone who attended.  Here is the only way I can describe it: We were hundreds of people who, together with the parents of the bride and groom, experienced the swelling of our one single giant collective heart, to the point of bursting, with pure joy.

It is that feeling from my niece’s wedding, that I want to carry with me as Rosh HaShana and the new year approach. It’s a feeling that is deeply spiritual, filled with warmth, comfort, contentment, and connectedness to something larger than life. It makes me feel more aligned with the world. True appreciation for those purely joyful moments is my key to feeling rejuvenated and ready to face what comes next.


What a blessing. After nearly two years of “languishing” during the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been rejuvenated. G-d has blessed me with a resurgence of creativity and passion for the art that expresses my appreciation for life and renewal.  I am so grateful for the Greatest Jewish Gift of All that G-d hands each of us every single day.


The Surrounded by my Greatest Jewish Gift of All

May the Jewish collective heart continue to swell with pure joy.

May we all be able to experience true redemption, personal and national.

May you each be inscribed with a sweet successful year filled with blessings of good health and happiness.

Shana Tova u’Metuka.

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