A Woman of Valor – Eshet Chayil – Traditional Papercut – Light


Size: 43 x 35.5cm / 17 x 14″
Border Mat Color: Spring Green
Suitable for American standard size frame


Warm orange tones and cool soothing greens symbolizing regrowth after a long hard winter. Give this gift to a woman to show how much you value her and her hard work. The source of the wording of this fine papercut design is Proverbs:31:10-31. Eishet Chayil (Woman of Valor) is traditionally sung around the Shabbat table before the Jewish Kiddush on Friday night. It honors the woman’s strength and talents. The delicate design of this papercut Judaica by Marci Wiesel is the perfect expression of love and honor for the Jewish woman in your life. It is a wonderful hostess gift, anniversary gift, grandmother gift, Mother’s Day gift and more. Judaica papercuts express your sentiment while also offering a piece of art for the home.