What an Awesome Appreciation Gift!

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Appreciate the Goodness What an awesome appreciation gift it is to be able to appreciate true goodness. I just returned from a walk with a friend. We always try to make our walking conversation meaningful, so we decided to answer the following question: What is good in our lives these days? Interestingly, the good things […]

The Special Occasion of Vacation

Special occasions Jewish families get together for special occasions… shabbat, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, births, graduations, and more. Here in Israel, the month of August is also a special occasion. At some point during these 31 days, the typical Israeli family goes on an extended tiyul (hike, but loosely translated as any […]

Greatest Jewish Gift

The Surrounded by my Greatest Jewish Gift of All

Nachas The Greatest Jewish Gift of All is “Yiddishe Nachas”.  In Hebrew, we call it Nachat Ruach. It describes that wondrous feeling of pleasure mixed with deep gratitude to the Almighty, for your child’s birth, first day of school, graduation, bar or bat mitzva, wedding, or when you become a grandparent. The truth is though, […]

One Zany Minute

Now that I have your attention, please share this zany 60 seconds of Papercut Life with everyone you know so they can enjoy too! Smile- in honor of the new solar year, 2013!