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They Grow, We Grow Too

Up until now, I’ve referred to my 3 younger children as “the little kids”.  But, my daughter, Raziya just colored her hair red, danced in a  womens’ show, and took her high school entrance exams.

Raziya with henna hair




My son, Shivi is studying his Torah portion for his bar mitzvah coming up this year, and is taking up painting on canvas.

And my littlest, Nachshon is on the regional basketball team, and has started doing is own laundry!


I know everyone experiences it.  But sometimes, it sneaks up on you.  That’s what it just did to me.  So I am stopping for a moment to reflect, and to appreciate that  time passes, the kids grow up, we move into new stages, and we develop and learn a lot along the way.  May we all just be showered with blessings from above!  Shavua tov.  And Happy New Year.

They were so little


They got so big!

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