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Celebrating Grandparents

Grandparents are special.  I know mine are! I visit my grandparents every Monday.  Once a week I get the treat of going out to brunch where we talk about life.  They tell me stories of their past, we check in on where we are in the present, and we try to guess what my kids will be like in the future.

People ask me what are the things that inspire me, that move me to create a new papercut design.  Well, there are lots of things that inspire me, but nothing inspires me like my grandparents!  It was for them that I originally designed the “Crown of the Elders” piece.  It is they who are represented in the double crown design that symbolizes the continuum of generations, one reflecting off the other.

“Grandchildren are the Crown of Grandparents, and the Glory of Children are their Parents.”

Here’s a link to a cute little video I made celebrating my grandparents http://youtu.be/oHigFIHGnW8

Purchase a papercut from the Parents and Grandparents page and celebrate yours!



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