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Exercise and Pray for Good Health

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After returning tonight from my son’s basketball game, I was reflecting on how important exercise is for every age.  It doesn’t matter what you do.  According to the posters on the wall at Curves (I try to go almost every day), if you move your body for a straight period of 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week, you are adding years to your life, and receiving numerous health benefits along the way.

I designed the papercut “Prayer for Good Health” after I came across a beautiful close-up photograph of healthy blood cells and neurons in one of my husband’s medical journals.  I was mesmerized and truly awe inspired by that microscopic image.  We must appreciate  G-d for every single moment that our bodies function properly.

The Prayer  was written by The Chiddah, a.k.a. Rabbi Chaim Joseph David Azulai (1724-1806).  Born in Jerusalem, he became a hugely respected Torah scholar.   He spent several years in the Diaspora serving as leader and teacher in various Jewish communities.  He constantly yearned though, to return to the Land of Israel.  Sadly, that dream was not to be realized in his lifetime.  He died and was buried in Livorno, Italy.

Interestingly, over 150 years later, in 1960, the Chiddah’s  dream to return to the Land of Israel came true.  His bones were reburied in Jerusalem.  Read the incredible story here: http://ascentofsafed.com/cgi-bin/ascent.cgi?Name=708-42

The papercut design above is currently on sale ($10 off!).  Take a look:  http://www.papercutjudaica.com/product/prayer-for-good-health-hebrew-english/

May we all continue some sort of daily exercise, and may we be granted with good health and happiness!


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