About Marci

Welcome to Papercut Judaica.

Since 1990, I have been creating unique, colorful and meaningful gifts for people around the world.

A papercut is a design cut out from one sheet of paper. Each of my designs started as a spiritual idea.

I am inspired by the messages of Judaism, Israel, and The Torah.

After a design is cut, I combine
it with one of my colorful painted backgrounds, and voila! A work of art is born, pleasing to the eye and warming to the heart and soul.

I am deeply passionate about my work. I hope you will be too.

Featured Piece

The “Shining Aleph-Bet” depicts the Hebrew Alphabet rooted in the holy Torah. It is said that every single letter in the Torah has a special purpose. There is beautiful custom of drizzling honey over the Aleph-Bet when small children are introduced to the letters of the Torah for the first time, so as to make the study of Torah an ever sweet and dear activity. In this Judaica papercut, the alphabet extends beyond the boundaries of the Torah scroll and transforms itself into life and growth, radiating its warmth in all directions. 

And speaking of drizzling honey, Have a sweet New Year!

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