Physicians Prayer

Physician’s Prayer (Hebrew / English) – Classic


Price Unframed: $215
Size: 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 16 x 20″
Border Mat Color: Classic–Auburn flecked
Suitable for American standard size frame

Product Description

This beautiful doctor’s prayer gift (Maimonides physician’s prayer)¬† meaningfully expresses what it means to work in the noble profession of healing the sick. The words which are cut around the text ask that G-d, the True Healer, help to bring about a complete and speedy recovery to those who are ill. ¬†Jewish doctor gifts by Israeli artist Marci Wiesel allow the patient to thank a doctor for a job well done, or to congratulate a new doctor in the field with a wonderful piece of Judaica artwork. This physician’ s prayer shows your appreciation, while offering an ever-lasting and decorative piece of Jewish art for the doctor’s wall.