“There Can Be Miracles When You Believe”

Jewish Hannukah menora art

Guess what!  You can now purchase a brand new papercut that’s hot off the cutting board!  And it’s just in time for Channuka.  I revived a design from my years before aliya, and I remade it to reflect what I feel strongly, especially here in Israel.  More meaningful than ever, this papercut design and its […]

“Illuminate the Entire World”

Last week in Israel, life was a bit intense.  We were in the midst of a military operation against those who were constantly firing rockets into our cities and towns.  We were on the brink of an all out war.  My son was one of the many soldiers training to go in to Gaza in […]

A Good Eye

Strauss- Bornstein Ketubah

Being a Judaic papercutting artist I have to have a good eye.  I need to see things that others don’t easily see and work with tiny details up-close.  Imagine my frustration when suddenly I had to remove my eyeglasses in order to design, cut, and READ!!  Was I really that old?  The answer of course […]

A Different Perspective

Looking at things from a different perspective can change your world.  Examples of this from my own life are too numerous to list here.  We are truly fortunate to have this ability to view any given situation from an alternate vantage point. wordpress buy domain  Most of us should probably exercise this ability more often. […]

Celebrating Grandparents

Grandparents are special.  I know mine are! I visit my grandparents every Monday.  Once a week I get the treat of going out to brunch where we talk about life.  They tell me stories of their past, we check in on where we are in the present, and we try to guess what my kids […]

Discovering the Divine Day to Day

It is said that here in Israel, there exists “hashgacha pratit” (Divine providence).  We have encountered it again and again as a young modern nation whether it be our victory in the Six Day War or the special protection the people of the South have experienced in spite of countless rockets falling, or the many […]

Appreciating Life in Israel

While we’re already on the subject of appreciating every minute of life…   In honor of Parshat Lech Lecha this shabbat, I’d like to express special appreciation for having the privilege to live in Israel.  I made a short video illustrating how thankful I am that G-d bestowed that gift upon my family and me. Click on […]

Exercise and Pray for Good Health

After returning tonight from my son’s basketball game, I was reflecting on how important exercise is for every age.  It doesn’t matter what you do.  According to the posters on the wall at Curves (I try to go almost every day), if you move your body for a straight period of 30 minutes 3 or […]

Soldier Boy

This morning I had the rare opportunity to drive my soldier son to the designated place where his whole army unit was to regroup after the weekend. Lucky for us, the designated meeting place was for the first time to be right across the way, in Kfar Etzion!  My son is the only one in […]

Quick show before shabbat

  I was asked by the Prime Minister’s office to come this morning and exhibit my papercuts at Gavna, a wonderful little reastaurant built on the side of a mountain in Gush Etzion.  Gavna was catering to group of about 100 people, all big donors to the Jewish Israeli cause.  After Yuli Edelshtein and Aryeh […]