Appreciating Life in Israel

While we’re already on the subject of appreciating every minute of life…   In honor of Parshat Lech Lecha this shabbat, I’d like to express special appreciation for having the privilege to live in Israel.  I made a short video illustrating how thankful I am that G-d bestowed that gift upon my family and me.

Click on this link to watch:

The Land, and the State of Israel is truly a gift not only to those who live here, but to all Jews, no matter where they are.  More than that.  Israel is a gift to the entire world. sub domains .  Take a look at my meaningful Israel designs on the Israel Page of the site: and purchase your gifts for anyone who loves our People and our Land.

Here’s a variation of the “Prayer for the State of Israel” print.  It has special significance to me.  It is the same hand signed, high quality print as the “State of Israel” piece, only it has the text and title of the “Prayer for Those Who Dwell in the Land of Israel.”

I hope that by next week the image will appear on the site.  Still it is available for purchase now.  Feel free to email me with the request to buy it.

Wishing everyone a shabbat shalom.