Papercut Judaica – The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion

Marci Fishman Wiesel’s unique Judaic papercuts are a delight to the eye and the spirit. She combines her lively colorful papercut designs with Jewish blessings and Biblical passages and motifs rich in meaning and symbolism.

Marci’s Judaic art makes a perfect gift for any special occasion: birthday, wedding, anniversary, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, graduation. They are also a wonderful token of appreciation, acknowledgement of achievement, or award of service for anyone with Jewish interests or connection with the Jewish community.

Jewish children’s gifts include “Blessing for the Sons”, Blessing for the Daughters”, Blessing of the Children”“Shema Yisrael/Modeh Ani” and “The Shining Aleph Bet: The Light of Torah.”

Gifts suitable for the Jewish home, wedding, or anniversary include Marci’s “Birkat HaBayit – Blessing for the Home”“Mizrach – My Heart is in the East”, and “Shabbat Candle Lighting Blessing and Prayer for the Family”, as well as her popular “Eishet Chayil /A Woman of Valor”. In addition,  her “Crown of the Elders / Ateret Zekainim” is a perfect gift for grandparents, as the “Action of the Parents is a Symbol to the Children / Maaseh Avot Siman L’Banim”  is for parents too.  There are many gift options for a new couple’s wedding, including a beautiful I am my Beloved’s and My Beloved’s is Mine / Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li.

The “Community Service Blessing” taken from the Shabbat morning prayers can be used to award anyone involved in helping the Jewish community.

Marci has created ketubahs (Jewish marriage contracts) for the past twenty years and is offering new original lasercut designs.

Marci’s collection of Limited Edition items including Mezuzot (Mezuzahs), Passover Seder PlatePassover Matza Tray, the Challah Tray with Cutting Shelf, and the papercut Tzedaka Box too.

If you are planning a trip to Israel, your group can visit Marci Wiesel in person at her home gallery showroom! Click here for more information. schedule cloud ip address . webhosting info server information available domains expired domains . Dutch phrases